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Hematite Bracelet Benefits in Simple Explanation

Hematite Bracelet Benefits in Simple Explanation

We will definitely go over hematite bracelet benefits in this article. But let's define the benefits of hematite stone first.

The gemstone can dissolve a negative energy. Hence, the stone converts negative energy to a positive energy. In ancient Egypt people used the stone to stop blood flow. Also, Egyptians used the stone to eliminate poisons from the body. Magnetic hematite stone cures blood pressure disorders. According to researches magnetic hematite heals kidney problems. For instance, another health related benefits of magnetic hematite stone is blood flow regulation in the body. Additional physical benefits are relief from cramps, spinal issues and fractured bones. Hematite stone is as any other natural sources like turmeric for example can help to lose weight. Hematite improves the way our body works. One of the factors about hematite is that it has a positive impact on spirituality and emotional state. Hematite is good for Chakra balancing. Hematite activates the root chakra. In terms of emotional health benefit, hematite functions as a stress relief stone.

Now let's discuss about hematite bracelet benefits primarily.

How can we avail of hematite bracelet by wearing it? There is a privilege of wearing the bracelet. Besides spiritual and health benefits in hematite bracelet there is a decorating feature as well. The luxurious design of hematite bracelets will match almost with any outfit. Hematite bracelets come with different styles. The most popular type of hematite bracelets are beaded stretch bracelets. Nevertheless, other type of hematite bracelets are also in trend. Another famous type of hematite bracelets are magnetic hematite bracelets. But it's important to know that hematite is not a magnetic. However, many specimens of hematite contain enough magnetite to attract common magnet. There are also dyed hematite bead bracelets we can see. Good part about colored hematite bracelets is that it gives us more styling options. For example you can pick a bracelet according to the color of your garment.

How popular hematite bracelets?

According to google trends the demand on hematite bracelets have always been high. However, the amount of people interested in purchasing hematite bracelet fluctuates over time. And what is the reason for it? The reason depends on many factors. The part that the bracelet is being purchased steady is obvious. These are the buyers whose interest is in health improvement. The another fluctuating part of the trend is people whose interest comes from fashion implication. So what type of hematite bracelets are best selling? Based on shoppers keyword research best selling hematite bracelets are beaded bracelets. You might ask how about JEWELLUNA? What type of hematite bracelets are best selling in JEWELLUNA? Well, hematite bead stretch bracelets as well. And to be more specific, multi shape bead hematite bracelets are the once people love to have.


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What online jewelry stores are considered the best?

Online jewelry stores are becoming very convenient and popular. But there is an important question, “what online jewelry stores are considered the best?” what are the indications? Of course it depends on needs of an individual consumer and overall public comparative opinion. It is obvious that a good online jewelry store firstly, is the one that has jewelry in it you are looking for.

Finding a jewelry you want is awesome but how about the price of the jewelry and other services? And there is more, don’t forget that the jewelry you are about to buy is from a website, it’s not an physical item you can try on. So, as you can’t see or touch the product physically here comes the main concern and it is the jewelry quality you are buying. What about the shipping speed challenges after all.

Let’s say you purchased your favorite ring, bracelet or necklace for example and you are happy you did. But what are the frustrating outcomes we all know as online shoppers? The jewelry we bought is not as shinny as we saw in the product image. Another example the size of  bracelet is not right or worse, ring size is not precise. Unfortunately, there are many other disappointing cases we encounter when we buy a jewelry. Today, in this article we will do our best to shed light on how to determine quality online jewelry stores. Let’s put in pullet points some key aspects we have to take into consideration to find out if an online jewelry store is worth to shop from.

  1. Do you see the jewelry you want?
  2. If it’s a retail online jewelry store search for other sources to compare the price.
  3. Verify the approximate delivery time of your potential order.
  4. Investigate other fees and charges like shipping and handling costs.
  5. Look for the reviews in the websites like yelp or google.
  6. If it’s a brand online jewelry store skip the clause two.

The hierarchical bullet points above are the main indicators to define online jewelry store. It’s clear that this all is not a general method in terms of online jewelry store finding. The whole approach is very detailed and individual. We are open to answer your any questions in here if you are having some specific obstacles in your own researches.

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Natural vs Laboratory Created Gemstones

In modern jewelry world you can see terms like natural vs laboratory created gemstones. We would like to make clear the terms and give some information about naturally and laboratory created gemstones. Natural gemstones are made of crystals, minerals, rocks, and other organic materials. This materials are cut, polished to shine as attractive gemstones. But deficiency and high cost of these naturally occurring gemstones became the reason to produce alternatives of them. These are the gemstones created in laboratories with the same compositions as the natural stones. Lаb-сrеаtеd gеmstоnе јеwеlrу іs а more affordable option over the natural stone. It lооks almost sіmіlаr tо natural gеmstоnе јеwеlrу аnd іt comes with much lesser price than the real one. Gemstones created in the laboratories are called synthetic gemstones. Lab-created stones are made in a controlled environment as compared with natural gemstones which made by natural processes of mother nature. Synthetic gemstones are created using the same materials as a natural stones. Chemically and physically, they are identical to their natural counterparts. The laboratory produced stone is usually without major defects and can be structurally stronger than naturally produced stone. In spite of the cheaper option, the average person can not tell the difference between a natural and lab-created stone. It requires a trained eye, high magnification and other instruments. In conclusion we can say that lab-created gemstones are the inexpensive versions of natural gemstones with almost the same appearance and functionality.

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How to Take Care of Your Jewelry Properly

All types of jewelry (fine or fashion) require special care to keep them looking great. Your jewelry will last a lifetime and bring you pleasure for many years if treat it well. There are simple things you can do to help jewelry shine for even longer. Here’s a guide to caring for your jewelry:

1. Jewelry should be stored away from direct sunlight, humidity. Keep in mind that different gemstones have different hardness, so can easily scratch each other if stored together. Store them in soft-lined boxes separately.
To prevent silver from oxidizing you could storing them in airtight bags with silica gel packs (you can find it in new shoe box), or peace of chalk which will absorb moisture and sulfur in the air that can cause jewelry tarnishing.

2. Remove your jewelry during sport and outdoor activities, home cleaning, bathing, swimming. Because water and other chemical agents like a soap, household cleaners, cosmetics (makeup, hair products, perfumes), and natural skin oils (sweat) can discolor and tarnish the stones and metals of jewelry. If your jewelries came in contact with water, or any chemicals, use a dry soft, clean cloth to gently wipe them.

3. Occasionally gently clean your jewelry to remove any oils, dust or dirt. Use non-abrasive materials like soap, baking soda and water with a soft toothbrush. Be careful not to rub your jewelry and rinse, dry them thoroughly after cleaning.Regularly polish your platinum and silver jewelry with microfiber cloth or special jewelry cloth to avoid tarnishing. If you follow these tips they will help prolong the life and beauty of your shiny jewelries for years.

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Find your ring size

Before you begin making online ring purchase Find Your Ring Size. Pick the finger on which you want to wear your ring. Be sure that your finger is in normal size. Your fingers will shrink a bit in cold weather, and can be enlarged during the hot time.

How to measure finger:

1. Wrap a piece of rope, thread, floss or string of paper around the base of your finger.
2. Mark with a pen the spot where the strip completes the circle or hold it.
3. Measure the strip on a ruler with millimeters from beginning to the marked place.

Find your ring size

Use the chart to find out your ring size:

Find your ring size