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Natural vs Laboratory Created Gemstones

In modern jewelry world you can see terms like natural vs laboratory created gemstones. We would like to make clear the terms and give some information about naturally and laboratory created gemstones. Natural gemstones are made of crystals, minerals, rocks, and other organic materials. This materials are cut, polished to shine as attractive gemstones. But deficiency and high cost of these naturally occurring gemstones became the reason to produce alternatives of them. These are the gemstones created in laboratories with the same compositions as the natural stones. Lаb-сrеаtеd gеmstоnе јеwеlrу іs а more affordable option over the natural stone. It lооks almost sіmіlаr tо natural gеmstоnе јеwеlrу аnd іt comes with much lesser price than the real one. Gemstones created in the laboratories are called synthetic gemstones. Lab-created stones are made in a controlled environment as compared with natural gemstones which made by natural processes of mother nature. Synthetic gemstones are created using the same materials as a natural stones. Chemically and physically, they are identical to their natural counterparts. The laboratory produced stone is usually without major defects and can be structurally stronger than naturally produced stone. In spite of the cheaper option, the average person can not tell the difference between a natural and lab-created stone. It requires a trained eye, high magnification and other instruments. In conclusion we can say that lab-created gemstones are the inexpensive versions of natural gemstones with almost the same appearance and functionality.