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How to Take Care of Your Jewelry Properly

All types of jewelry (fine or fashion) require special care to keep them looking great. Your jewelry will last a lifetime and bring you pleasure for many years if treat it well. There are simple things you can do to help jewelry shine for even longer. Here’s a guide to caring for your jewelry:

1. Jewelry should be stored away from direct sunlight, humidity. Keep in mind that different gemstones have different hardness, so can easily scratch each other if stored together. Store them in soft-lined boxes separately.
To prevent silver from oxidizing you could storing them in airtight bags with silica gel packs (you can find it in new shoe box), or peace of chalk which will absorb moisture and sulfur in the air that can cause jewelry tarnishing.

2. Remove your jewelry during sport and outdoor activities, home cleaning, bathing, swimming. Because water and other chemical agents like a soap, household cleaners, cosmetics (makeup, hair products, perfumes), and natural skin oils (sweat) can discolor and tarnish the stones and metals of jewelry. If your jewelries came in contact with water, or any chemicals, use a dry soft, clean cloth to gently wipe them.

3. Occasionally gently clean your jewelry to remove any oils, dust or dirt. Use non-abrasive materials like soap, baking soda and water with a soft toothbrush. Be careful not to rub your jewelry and rinse, dry them thoroughly after cleaning.Regularly polish your platinum and silver jewelry with microfiber cloth or special jewelry cloth to avoid tarnishing. If you follow these tips they will help prolong the life and beauty of your shiny jewelries for years.

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